1. Kindly contact me at sarit@seekingalpha.com. Thanks!

  2. Your dividend increases year over year are inspiring. Thank for sharing.

  3. ADY,

    It's crazy to see how your snow ball has started to roll. Your first year is higher than my first year was but it's nice to see you started off in a place not too far from where my own took off. Keep at it and you'll definitely hit your goal!

    -Dividend Monster

  4. ADY, That is an awesome 2015 total! What do you plan for 2016? And I love your formula for CAGR at the top of your site. Not many folks know that that is what long term return boils down to. Very cool and keep it up!

    1. Thx PIP. Unfortunately, my 2016 total will be less than 2015. I recently sold my UL, CVX and RDS.b positions and will be sitting on cash until I see some good bargains. I'm also considering selling BBL and OXY, which will lower my dividends even more.

      And the reason for these sells is because the dividend and share price has gone no where over the past couple years. And the EPS of the oil guys is not doing well. So i'll be keeping my eyes open for some cheap dividend growers. I like VOD and CVS at this time but have not made any recent buys.

      And you're 100% right about the formula. And that's why the price you pay for a share greatly influences your long term returns!

      Take care.