Stock Analysis

Click here for a link to my spreadsheet.


  1. Your blog has been very informative and helpful. I really like the layout of your spreadsheet for stock analysis. I was wanting to do something similar. My question is what sites do you use to pull the high and low stock prices from as well as the quarterly dividend prices. As well for the graham data were are you getting the eps for 10yrs.

    Thanks Paul

    1. Hi Paul,

      Except for the stock price, which updates automatically, all numbers in the spreadsheet are inputted manually by yours truely.

      Numbers such as Hi and Low stock prices and EPS are taken from S&P reports made available on my broker's website. Otherwise, I use charts (on my broker's website) and company websites as well as their annual reports.

      As for the dividend information, I usually get it off the companies website. Most have a 'Dividend History' section.

      Hope this helps.