Friday, 2 February 2018

Closed My Put on KR

As discussed in a previous post, I sold a Put option in KR on Dec 26th. Since then, the share price has appreciated a couple dollars and I decided to close the option.

I netted $111.59 over 36 days.


  1. Hello ADY... first time visitor here. Nice job on securing the income on your KR put. I started trading options early last year. It's been going well, and thus I plan to keep pursuing it. I'll be checking in here to see what you are doing, and the results you achieve.
    I see our dividend portfolios are similar in size, so I'll be interested in your progress on that front as well. Take care.

    1. I didn't trade too many options last year but i'm getting back into the grove this year. I find the market is a bit high so I'm mostly into selling calls these days.