Friday, 1 December 2017

I'm back

The free time I had to blog has all but disappeared since my wife started working earlier this year. On the bright side, because we have been living on my income for the past three years, we intend to save most of what she makes.

Since my last post, I have made several transactions, all of which are reflected in my Portfolio.

In July, I sold about $70,000 of shares to buy a 2017 Tahoe Premier. My wife and I have wanted this vehicle for close to 16 years and for several reasons, the timing was right. My 2008 GMC Acadia had several issues - the most annoying one being no A/C for 3 years (even GM couldn't find the leak). And with 2 very long road trips every year, we were fed up. We had shopped for a Tahoe a few times over the past year and finally spotted one that we liked. A lot. It had the wheels I wanted and my wife loved the color. And it didn't have an entertainment system - on the road, my kids read and play games. Sorry, no TV.

After a test drive, we were informed that GM was offering 15% off the MSRP on certain Tahoes, and this one qualified. The interest rate was 5%, but we weren't going to finance it. Moreover, they offered us $8,000 for our trade-in (another GM dealer was only giving us $5,600). I then called my insurance and was told that my premium would increase $150 per year. It was too good to be true so I called back the next day to confirm with another representative. And, yes, it was only $150 per year! After some back and forth with the sales manager over several days, we got an additional $3,000 in value (an additional price reduction, accessories and maintenance).

In the end, it cost us $72,500, including taxes (13% - ain't it great to be Canadian) and the value of my trade-in. The full price would have been $92,800, including taxes and my trade-in. These prices include a 7 year 140,000km warranty that cost $4,290 (they wanted $4,920).

Yes, we are crazy. And 4 months later, we would do it again.

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