Saturday, 13 May 2017

Telus and Power Corp Increase Dividend

Telus increased its quarterly dividend to $0.4925 from $0.48, or 2.6%. This is the second increase this year. Since I own 389.78 shares, this raise will add $19.49 to my yearly dividends.

Power Corp increased its dividend to $0.3585 from $0.335, or 7.0%. Since I own 450 shares, this raise will add $42.30 to my yearly dividends.

2017 Dividend Increases
  • ACO.T: +14.9%, $17.00
  • AQN: +10%, $37.66
  • CAH: +3%, $5.40
  • CU: +10%, $39.00
  • ENB: +10%, $55.76
  • ENB: +4.6%, $37.80
  • T: +4.3%, $30.88
  • TD: +9%, $30.00
  • CVS: +17.8%, $85.80
  • SNC: +5%, $13.00
  • T: +2.6%, $19.49 (2nd increase)
  • POW: +7.0%, $42.30

Total increase: $414.09


  1. Can't wait till I start getting increase like that I'll fall short of 100 this year doing my math but next year should end up with more love the compsnies that do more smaller ones more than once a year good job keep it up.

    1. I admit that it's going very well for me this year. Seeing all these increases has me wondering if I should sell my shares in Teva and BP and reinvest in companies that are growing their dividend every year.

  2. That's an awesome increase in dividend income. I really need to do a checkup like you did on your stocks and the projected increase. Never done it, but it's very telling based on your numbers the impact and I'm sure mine would favorably show my increase as well.

    1. It's nice to see that dividend growth really works. Progress is always encouraging!