Monday, 1 May 2017

Recent Buys - QCOM and POW

Recent Buys:

- POW: 100 shares @ $31.85, + $228.00 dividend, 4.19% yield
- QCOM: 100 shares @ $53.23, + $134 dividend, 4.28% yield

I now own 450 shares of Power Corp with an average cost of $28.54. They are due for a dividend increase in May and I'm hoping it's inline with previous years - about 7.5%.

I sold IBM because EPS have been crappy for a while, and that's what drives price growth. Bought at $125 and sold at $160.

I sold my REITs (OHI, HP and WPC) because I'm looking for lower dividend yields that increase at higher rates. If REITs drop in price, I will get back into OHI and WPC. They made me some good money.

Yearly dividends are now $10,994.


  1. Nice QCOM pick up. Seems like several of our DGI peers are looking into this name as well. Like you said, at current levels it's probably worth the risk. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thx. It's not as cheap as I would have liked, but I decided not to take a chance and wait. They have amazing products that no one can compete with and I hope it stays that way.