Wednesday, 10 May 2017

New Purchases - AQN, ENB and GIS

Today I bought:

- AQN: 163 shares @ $13.19, + $99.95 CAD dividend, 4.65% yield

- ENB: 50 shares @ $56.80, + $122.00 CAD dividend, 4.30% yield
- GIS: 100 shares @ $56.46, + $192 USD dividend, 3.40% yield

If GIS falls below $50, I will probably add another 100 shares.

My yearly dividends now stand at $11,464.


  1. That's a serious pick up of GIS. Nice job buying when many are sour on the stock. I picked some up not long ago as well. Safe yield too. I like it.

    1. GIS definately represents good value in the current market. It's a bit more expensive than I wanted to pay which is why I'll probably buy more if the price drops 10-15% from here. And with KRFT on the hunt and UL under pressure to unlock value, I can see GIS either being aquired or doing an aquisition of their own.

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