Friday, 12 May 2017

New Purchase - TSN

Today I initiated a position in Tyson Foods:

- TSN: 85 shares @ $58.24, + $76.50 USD dividend, 1.55% yield

I couldn't resist a consumer staple stock with a forward PE below 12. The share price has been driven down by a couple of earning misses and price-fixing allegations. Seems like short term pain.

My yearly dividends now stand at $11,602.


  1. That will pay for a few meals of chicken a year. Good job

  2. ADY -

    Nice move; Tyson is a great brand and there are strong loyal customers for them as well!


    1. Thx. I almost went with 100 shares but then decided to limit my purchase to $5,000. This will give me the latitude to add more shares if the price continues to decline. I really like your GWW purchase. It's been on my radar for a couple weeks and might buy some.