Thursday, 4 May 2017

Enbridge Increases Dividend...again!

In January 2017, Enbridge increased its quarterly dividend to $0.583 from $0.53, or 10%. Today, Enbridge announced an additional increase of 4.6% to $0.61. Since I own 350 shares, this adds $37.80 to my yearly dividends.

Also, yesterday Cardinal Health announced an dividend increase of 3%. The quarterly dividend thus passes from $0.4489 to $0.4624. This will add a whopping $5.40 to my yearly dividends. 

My yearly dividends now stand at $11,038.

I'm currently looking at GWW, GIS, more FLO, more ENB, more AQN and maybe getting back into OHI.

2017 Dividend Increases
  • ACO.T: +14.9%, $17.00
  • AQN: +10%, $37.66
  • CAH: +3%, $5.40
  • CU: +10%, $39.00
  • ENB: +10%, $55.76
  • ENB: +4.6%, $37.80
  • T: +4.3%, $30.88
  • TD: +9%, $30.00
  • CVS: +17.8%, $85.80


  1. That's an awesome list of dividend increases, hopefully you'll continue to see those minor increases create big checks by the end of the year. Right now you are just about $340 up which is a nice raise without any work :)

    1. Yeah. I've been pretty lucky so far this year. I'm also working on replacing some companies I own that have had very small or no dividend increases.

  2. I saw this today, man Enbridge got to be one of my favorite stocks. I dont hold that much but definally want to add more. The future looks great for enbridge

    1. ENB has been a great investment for me. Sometimes I wonder if it will be another Kinder Morgan - but so far, so good. I love the Spectra deal and will be looking to add more if it drops to the mid 40's.

  3. Our family also holds ENB shares...looking for are to yet another raise simply for holding shares in the company! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’―

    1. It's great! And management anticipates 10%+ dividend increases up till 2024. Let's hoipe they deliver on that.