Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Sold WMT and CMI, Bought OHI and AXP

On Feb 8, I sold WMT and some CMI:


Nov 13, 2015, bought 50 shares @ $56.40
Feb 8, 2016, sold 50 shares @ $66.34
Capital gain $477.03, or 16.9%
-$98.00 in yearly dividends


Dec 8, 2015, bought 50 shares @ $90
Feb 8, 2016, sold 50 shares @ $98.60
Capital gain $420.00, or 9.3%
-$195.00 in yearly dividends

Both these were in TFSA so there is no tax on the gains.

On Feb 9, I did some bottom feeding and bought OHI and AXP.


55 @ $52.84
2.2% div yield
+$63.80 in yearly dividends

50 @ $27.55
8.28% div yield
+$114.00 in yearly dividends


  1. Nice profit you made on both sells though CMI looks like a great candidate to add more shares at these depressed levels. It's nice to capture a capital gain but I think it's nicer to build an ever increasing passive income. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Volatility is creating good opportunities to sell and buy. I'm trying to make an extra buck here and there. If WMT and CMI drop enough in price, I will happily repurchase them.

      At this time, I don't see a catalyst that will propel stocks higher any time soon so i'm entertaining myself with sells and buys.

  2. ADY,

    You made some nice capital gains on those sells but can I ask why you sold WMT? It looks like that company still has a long way to go in terms of growth. Were you unhappy with the smaller dividend payout than OHI or...? I'd just like to know a little bit more as to why you sold it when you did.

    Dividend Monster

    1. I'm just trying to take advantage of volatility. For the right price, I would happily repurchase WMT and CMI.