Wednesday, 27 January 2016

New Purchase - SU and IBM

Today, I added to my positions in Suncor and IBM.

SU     40 @ $31.58      Yield 3.67%        Div $46.40

IBM  17 @ $121.75     Yield 4.27%        Div $88.40

This brings my 12-month forward dividends to $10,464.


  1. Nice purchases, we added to our IBM holdings recently as well but wasn't lucky enough to grab shares at the price you had bought at. BTW, nice forward dividends! We know we will be there one day but for now, we'll use your income stream as extra motivation! :)

    Best wishes and continued success on your personal journey. AFFJ

    1. No worries. My first 2 lots of IBM were purchased at $163 and $172 per share. It was a good opportunity to average down in something other than oil&gas. Hopefully 2016 will continue offering us great opportunities.

      Thanks for the encouragement. I'm hoping to reach $13,000/year in divs by the end of 2016, but this will depend on my wife returning to the workforce.