Thursday, 16 October 2014

New Purchase - Vodafone

Welcome back Vodafone.

I sold out my original VOD position in December 2013 @ $38.78. This was before the special dividend and distribution of VZ shares. At the time I sold shares, the stock was yielding 4.3%. I’m well aware that Vodafone is no longer the same company, but I still believe in its future.

Number of shares purchased
Price per share
Total cost per share
Total cost
Annual dividend per share
Initial dividend yield
Increase in forward 12-month dividends

My dividend income is now $7,618.69 per year.

Calculation of Dividend

0.11 GBP * 10 shares per ADR * 1.61 USD per GBP - $0.035 USD ADR fee = $1.736 USD

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