Saturday, 5 October 2013

New Purchase - GreenStar Agricultural Corp

When I originally purchased TransForce (TFI.TO), it was more or less a crapshoot. I liked that many directors on TFI’s board were also on Saputo’s board. And the share price was really cheap.

I recently sold TFI and replaced it with another crapshoot – GreenStar Agricultural Corp (GRE.TO). This company has a market cap of $15,823,366 – no, I didn’t forget any zeros!

I first learned about GRE while reading an article published by The Canadian Dividend Blogger.

Shares Purchased = 2,100
Total Cost = $2,247.90
Increase in Annual Dividends = $126.00
Initial dividend yield = 5.61%

My forward 12-month dividends now stand at $5,647.02.


  1. I don't mind adding a little extra risk for extra reward every once in a while. This looks like an interesting company. I wish you good luck with the trade.

    1. Thanks. I figured it was about time to add "high risk" to my portfolio as I approach the 200k mark. There have been many scandals surrounding Chinese companies listed on the TSX. I hope this company doesn't fall in that boat!