Tuesday, 13 August 2013

New Purchases - DLR and HCP

Till now, I've steered clear of REITs because I prefer companies with a lower initial dividend yield offering a higher dividend growth rate. But lately, I believe Mr. Market has over-reacted with the selloff in REITs.

Both limit orders were filled during the day:

DLR: 30 shares @ $54.80 + $9.95 commission ($55.13)

HCP: 40 shares @ $41.00 + $9.95 commission ($41.25)

DLR will add $93.60 and HCP will add $84.00 to my forward 12-month dividends, which now sits at $5,345.82.

For now, I do not view these purchases as longterm investments for the reason stated above.


  1. Hey ADY, I see you sailed past me in expected forward income this month. Congrats on the purchases and being a little closer to retirement!

    1. CI, Thanks for the encouragement. I'm hoping to reach $5,500 by years end.

      BTW, I tried to sell a call on my 200 shares of INTC this week. My limit order didn't go through b/c the share price kept falling...all week.