Wednesday, 12 June 2013

New Purchases - Telus and Rogers

Early this morning, I put in a limit order for Rogers and forgot to cancel my order for Telus. I now own both!

Telus is down about 11% from its high of $37.94, and Rogers is down 15% from its high of $52.75. Josh Peters published an article on Rogers in April and bought some just the other week.

T: 100 shares @ $34.00 + $9.95 commission
RCI.B: 100 shares @ $44.63 + $9.95 commission

I added $2,500 in new capital to fund part of my purchases.

Telus will add $136.00 to my forward 12-month dividends.
Rogers will add $174 to my forward 12-month dividends.

My forward 12-month dividends now stand at $4,830.13.

Over the last month, I made some changes to my Blog, starting with the layout of my Portfolio. I also added a Blog List and got rid of the "Links" page. And most recently, I was able to correct an issue I had with the post "There's an old man sitting next to me...".


  1. ADY - I picked up Telus a few months back just under $32. Has been a good stock for awhile, with a commitment to raise div's by about 10% over next few years. May be a bit of a wild ride the next little while with the recent hit on div stocks.
    I don't own Rogers - my other telco is BCE.

    1. Hey DoD,

      Good price on Telus. Although the stock price isn't cheap, Telus has good management and great customer service. My extended family has used Telus for over 15 years and no one has any complaints. I almost bought BCE a few years ago for $23 and Rogers for $26. I chickened out because of their poor costumer service - bad decision on my part. I'll be posting my analysis of Rogers and Telus shortly.