Monday, 24 June 2013

New Purchase - Deere

As I was driving to Ottawa this morning, I had my wife check the markets for me - she was in the passenger seat. I had her read out stock prices for our holdings - that was the complicated part. Deere immediately caught my attention - $79.80. Then came the real complicated part - she placed her very first order!

I bought 20 shares of DE @ $79.70 + $9.95 commission ($80.20).

This will add $40.80 to my forward 12-month dividends, which now stand at $4,891.73.

I now hold 45 shares of Deere with an average share price of $82.39.

You can view my analysis of DE here.

I will be making a series of small purchases if the market continues to tank. This will allow me to keep enough dry powder incase the market crashes. Increasing EPS year after year is what I'm monitoring, not interest and bond rates.

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