Wednesday, 15 May 2013

New Purchase - Baxter and Intact Financial

Yesterday, I bought shares of IFC-T and BAX-N.

IFC: 100 shares @ $58.60 + $9.95 commission

BAX: 75 shares @ $70.9 + $9.95 commission

I added $5,900 in new capital to fund part of my purchases.

Intact Financial will add $176.00 to my forward 12-month dividends.

Because I have very little cash left in my RSP, Baxter is held in my TFSA which means I’ll be paying a 15% withholding tax on the dividend. This purchase will add $124.95 to my forward 12-month dividends: ($147 – 15% = $124.95).

My forward 12-month dividends now stand at $4,520.13.


  1. ADY – I like the Intact purchase. I only have a couple of stocks on my watchlist, and IFC is at the top of the CDN list. I think it is a good purchase at this price, it gives you a 3% yield and it has been steadily increasing its dividend for least the last five years. What’s not to like? I’m just not sure I want to add another Financial Services stock to my portfolio. I already have three Canadian Banks and one insurer, and these four comprises almost 20% of my holdings.
    I don't follow Baxter so cannot comment on that one.

    1. I first tuned into IFC after reading either your blog or a comment of yours. I've read over and over again that the management team is excellent, and after the latest quarterly results, now the stock price is close to "excellent" too. I understand your reticence in adding more financials. I don't want too much exposure to financials, which is why I balanced my purchase of IFC with BAX. Now, financials make up 12.9% of my portfolio. Take care.