Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Sold Dell

I have always felt a little uncomfortable owning technology and oil & gas companies. Nonetheless, I recently bought Intel for the longhaul, which was not the case with Dell.

My purchase of Dell was speculative and my goal was to make a capital gain. So I bought 250 shares of Dell in late September 2012 for $2,609.95 ($10.44/share) and sold them for $2,740.05 ($10.96/share) on January 3.

I have received one dividend and will receive another in late January, for a total of $40. 

Adding capital gains and dividends, I made a profit of $170.10 (or 6.5%) over 3½ months, net of commission. I'm thinking of getting back in on Dell if it dips below $10.

The sale of Dell has reduced my 12-month forward dividends by $80, which now sits at $3,554.34.

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