Saturday, 19 January 2013

Portfolio Update

I just updated my portfolio.

The year is off to a good start. I think the markets are on crack, but Intel is back down and I'm thinking of placing a buy-write on it next week using margin. As this would be my first time using margin to purchase stocks, I'm currently reading up on this strategy. Not sure I want to get into this for a possible profit only a couple hundred dollars in a years time.


  1. I dont own any Intel stock, but my own take is it is too heavy a bet on tech, and there is just not telling where tech will be five years fom now, so if you're a long term dividend investor, why hold it? It looks good on paper tho:}

  2. HYS,

    Always nice to hear from you. I'm not a big fan of Tech stocks myself, but right now, it appears as though it's the only sector "on sale". Dell, MSFT and INTC are priced attractively - for a reason of course. What you say above is exactly why my long-term allocation to tech stocks will remain less than 5% of my portfolio.

  3. Well done! I remember your NSC purchase the other month, you called it! Same with INTC!

    Both the companies were high on my list of candidates, but in the end I chickened out :( Very well played!

    1. Funny you mention NSC. After yesterdays results, I was kicking myself for not having bought more. I only bought 50 shares because I wanted to keep money incase it went to the low 50s. Because it's hard to identify the bottom, I'm never fully invested. And sometimes a stock price rises before i can add more. I saw your latest purchase of LO. This company is well liked among the blogging community. I'll have a look at it soon. Thanks for stopping by.