Tuesday, 20 November 2012

New Purchase - Intel

Intel is being hammered. It has dropped over 33% since reaching a high of $29.27 on May 3 2012. It trades slightly below its Graham price of $19.55 and has a dividend yield roughly equal to its highest yield in 2009. What the future holds for Intel is anyone's guess, but at this current price my metrics indicate it's a steal.

Today, I purchased 100 shares @ $19.60 including commission. I now have 200 shares with a cost basis of $20.77, giving me annual dividends of $180.

I do not believe in "the end of the PC era" - everyone I know works with and owns a PC. I do believe sales will slow down, but I have faith that Intel will compensate by moving into the mobile business.

I will consider adding more Intel if it drops below $18.50.

1 comment:

  1. Great buy. I picked up additional shares to average down myself. The yield is too good to resist. I don't see INTC dropping much more from here. If it does I will happily buy more. Good luck!